Who Is The Most Talented Member Of The Simpsons?


7 Answers

Michelle Phy Profile
Michelle Phy answered
Bart i guess but i like Maggie. She keeps her pacifier in place & her opinions to herself to protect her sanity in that family Lol.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Homer - has been fired or quit his job countless times and always gets it back. Able to support an entire family and his alcohol and food habits. Been in trouble with the law a ton of times and always walks away with a slap on the wrist. That's talent lol
walter jedyk Profile
walter jedyk answered
Bart simpson is the most talented
tracy deines Profile
tracy deines answered
Maggie, it's amazing how she holds on to that pacifier:)
John Profile
John answered
Marge. If you look back through the episodes..if she wasn't there the family would shrivel up and blow away.
Mark Brookshire Profile
Mark Brookshire answered
If you are talking about all people on the show, its Mr Burns. When he is not on the show, it stanks...This guy will make you laugh, if not...."Smithers, let the dogs out"...
Hungry Guy Profile
Hungry Guy answered
They're all talented.  But I would have to vote for Julie Kavner.  She does voices for SO MANY of the characters!

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