Does Kendall Schmidt Smoke?


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According to this Big Time Rush star's most fervent fans, he is in fact a non-smoker. However, people sometimes don't tell the truth about their smoking habits - especially if they are in the public eye. Since Kendall is a role model for youth and has many young fans, he's probably not going to reveal any secret bad habits in interviews, and he would definitely try to avoid being photographed or videotaped while smoking. Therefore, there is really no way for someone who isn't close friends with Kendall Schmidt to know whether or not he smokes cigarettes.

  • It's private

Of course, we all want personal information about the stars that we love, but it's really not anyone's business whether or not Kendall Schmidt smokes or not. Hopefully, he is a non-smoker, since smoking is really unhealthy and it doesn't have any positive elements. Chances are, since Kendall seems to be involved with fitness, and is in very good shape, that he respects his body and stays off the cigarettes. In fact, this young actor may never have smoked at all.

  • Ask him

If you really want to ask Kendall about this issue, try to contact him via his Facebook or Twitter. Sometimes, celebrities will respond to others who message them on social networking services. Just be sure you are as polite as possible, or you may not get a response. In general, stars like Kendall will only respond to a few tweets or Facebook messages from fans each day.

Kendall's management or the production team at Big Time Rush may also know whether or not he smokes tobacco; however, contacting them about the matter is not a good idea, as they will be unlikely to paint him in a negative light by "outing" him as a smoker. Social networking is really your best option for finding out the truth.
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I think only she can give a relevant answer on this, or at least her close friends. In any case you have to understand that smoking is dangerous in any case, even if your fav celebs have this habit. I quitted thanks to vaping and Evolve wax pen , and feel much better since I kicked this habit.

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