What Are The Lyrics To 'Shawt Bus Shawty'?


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Shawt Bus Shawty is a rap song by American rapper, Gucci Mane.

Lyrics to Shawt Bus Shawty

Aww Man Shawty, You got that stupid fruity swag shawty, Shawty yo swag so stupid shawty it retarded shawty, Shawty Flo so retarted shawty, It like shawt bus shawty, Yeah Shawt Bus Shawty, Let these n*ggas know shawty, That you got that swag shawty, Let these n*ggas know shawty, Let these n*ggas know shawty, Let dem know. Let dem know
Shawt Bus Shawty, Shawt Bus Shawty, Short short short short Shawt Bus Shawty (x2) OJ Da JuiceMan and I got stanima ANd I like animals Hannah Montanima Hit the club cuz still eatin' a bananana At the bar takin' shots dog, no camera Ride the short bus And I'm boomin' and I'm bunkin' Hit the classroom and you know I'm flunkin' Tropicana Chevy orange sord of like a pumpkin Sittin on the toilet cuz still getting blumpkin Boo me off the stage but I'm still gettin' money As a cartoon man I'm still lookin' funny Look like Winnie the Pooh Don't make me steal your honey OJ Da Juiceman, Keep it 100 Eatin' on some squirrel meat when I get hungry When I get bored, dawg I play with my monkey Rap game hard, but the dope game crazy Catch me in the kitchen dog whippin' up the babies Shawt Bus Shawty, Shawt Bus Shawty Short short short short Shawt Bus Shawty(x2) Gucci swag stupid Stupid retarted And I just farted Where's my Carmex ?? Ugh It's the Gucci Man La Flare And I'm 12 months pregnant and I still don't care BURR BURR ! And you know I got a cold Ugh I can't breathe through my nose My nose real stuffy And I'm ridin' on a Huffy And my girl vaccum cleaner, wanna know can she suck me Ugh Ugh Ride the short bus to class I made a Z on my report card so I passed Raise my hand in the class when we do math Answer teacher question and all the kids laugh I eat the red crayon cause the red one taste the best I I cheat of Lil Darryl every time I take a test BURR BURR Move that thing on Watch King Of The Hill
Shawt Bus Shawty Shawt Bus Shawty Shawt Shawt Shawt Shawt Shawt Bus Shawty (x3) Waka : Kick Door Shawty Waka : Black Mask Waka Waka : And I'm toting a glock 40 waka flaka flame - wakaaaaaaaaaaa ! ABCDEFGHIJK LMNOP waka (x4) pow !(x5) yeah (x7) flocka(x4) QRSTUV WXY and z ! oh let's do it (the "s" is silent) waka (x13) waka flocka flame(x5) waka cross the street waka dog on a leash waka texas ranger luke sky waka waka (x5) shawt bus shawty shawt bus shawty shawt shawt shawt shawt shawt bus shawty (x7)

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