How did Daniel Tosh get his own TV show?


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He took it in the butt several times...LOL!  I'm just kidding of course. But that guy really rubs me the wrong way. His Snarky sarcasm doesn't appeal to me. Plus When I go to watch a stand up comedy I'm there to relax and enjoy the show but most of his jokes require you to pay full attention and think about it. I didn't pay money to think! I paid to laugh my butt off and have a few drinks.  Some of his stuff is pretty funny but his stand up is mediocre. His show Tosh.0 is way better but then again he has writers that write the scripts so it's really not his jokes at all.
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The newtwork was supposedly impressed with his guest appearances on David Letterman, Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel's shows.
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Probably just asked for it.. That simple these days. (not really)

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