How Many Celebrities Can You Name Whom Have Died Due To A Drug Overdose?


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Do I have to list all I can think of ? J. Morrison, elvis, mama cass, hendrix, belushi, c. Farley, t. Hardin
janis, len bias, judy garland, jon Bonham, lenny bruce, truman capote, brian epstein, Bruce lee, keith moon, river phoenix, freddie prinze,hank williams & my man from little feat, lowell george!! And i'm
sure there are many more but my mind is blank ! Think that is 20
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Bruce lee? Thank ya darlin' [[[hugs]]]
Heath Ledger [from most recent Batman]
james caison
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Bruce Lee's autopsy revealed, trace of cannabis & equagesic, being politically correct his death certificate listed cause of death { misadventure }
Thanx puddin' [[hugs]]
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Elvis Presley
Janis Joplin
Jimi Hendrix
Jim Morrison - The Doors
Gram Parsons - Allen-Parsons Project
Hillel Slovac - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Sid Vicious - Sex Pistols
Brian Epstein - Manager Of The Beatles
John Belushi
Chris Farley
Lenny Bruce
Freddy Prinz Sr.
Heath Ledger
Ike Turner
Judy Garland
Robert Pastorelli
Brad Renfro
Marilyn Monroe
Dana Plato
River Phoenix
Kieth Moon - The Who
Anna Nichole Smith
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How can we ever forget Freddie Prinze Sr.? And the Dana Plato situation...great job my buddy!
You forgot to mention Daniel Smith...Anna's son whom predeceased her...♥
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I can think of Elvis Presley and Anna Nicole Smith.
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Jimmy Hendrix , Janis Joplin, there are so manny that i cant even think of all of them . Sorry i couldnt help much .
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Testing our long-term filing I see! LOL!!

Let's see ... Danny Gans (a performer here in Las Vegas), David Carradine, Andy Kauffman, John Belushi, Chris Farley, [I don't know about Jacko; hate to credit it to that prematurely], Freddie Prinze, Janis Ian, Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger, Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Lenny Bruce, Paul Butterfield, Toy Caldwell (Marshall Tucker Band), Ken Caminiti (former major league baseball player), Max Cantor, Truman Capote, Steve Clark, Kurt Cobain, Montgomery Clift, Tommy Dorsey, Brian Epstein, John Entwistle (The Who), Howie Epstein (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers), Sigmund Freud, Andy Gibb, River Phoenix, Paul Gonsalves (Duke Ellington, Dana Plato, Margaux Hemingway, Abbie Hoffman, Howard Hughes, Bruce Lee, Marilyn Monroe, Christina Onasis, Keith Moon, Jim Morrison (The Doors), Daniel Smith (Anna Nicole Smith's son), Louie Spicolli (professional wrestler), Vinnie Taylor (ShaNaNa), Ike Turner, Sid Vicious, and Hank Williams.

We've brainstormed for a couple of hours now and are calling it quits! I don't think there's anything left in my long-term filing area! LOL!! :-)

Have a WONDERFUL rest of the night all!!
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U mentioned bruce lee as well as raindeux...i'm♥
Jo W.
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Hey there, Nassy!

Regarding Bruce Lee, he died from a reaction to his prescribed pain killer at the tender age of 32. Should have included that info the first time, I'm sorry. I must have been punch drunk!

Rest well dear lady,

I investigated his [LEE] death, but thanks for your explanation my sweet Jo {{{hugs}}}
P.S. I meant FISHWIZ in lieu of RAINDEUX. [u been sharing that punch with me?] lol
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I have no idea the actual number....but I know the number is up there. In music alone I can name Joplin, Jim Morrison, Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, Ike Turner, Bon Scott (ACDC), Steve Clark (Def Leppard), Andy Gibb, Keith Whitley, Hank Williams Sr., Elvis and Hendrix right off the bat and I know there are a whole lot more. Then who can forget Heath Ledger, Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole Smith, River Phenoix, Hugh O'Connor and Bruce Lee. Chris Farley and John Belushi, And I think ironical is Sigmund Freud.
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Good job! [Bon Scott & Hugh O'Connor are 2 I'd forgotten about] ;(
Ann Dougherty
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Do we know for certain that Michael Jackson died of a drug overdose? I thought it was only suspected that drugs might have played some part at the moment.
Felicity...we do not know for certain, but am quite certain we will next month w/ tox screen findings...♥
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John Belushi, Elvis Presley(maybe)((not really very funny)), Andy Gibb, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Chris Farley, Janis Joplin, Norma Jean(Marilyn Monroe), Keith Ledger, Keith Whitley, Hank Williams Sr., River Phoenix,
Keith Moon, Michael Jackson?, Anna Smith, Judy Garland, Sid Vicious, Ike Turner, Kurt Cobain, Brian Epstein, Lenny Bruce, Louie Spicolli, Steve Clark, Mama Cass and Brad Renfro. I would say Bruce Lee but I don't believe he died from marijuana allergies, I did add Curt Cobain though, even though I think he actually shot himself while on heroin.
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I was perplexed by those who'd mentioned Bruce Lee & discovered that he had an allergy to aspirin, had a headache, was administered aspirin & his brain swelled to a fatal level. You got Mama Cass [was waiting for someone to remember her] Great job my friend!
Correction: Was administered medication containing aspirin...
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There are a lot of them, and I can't remember all of them. Janis Joplin, Cass Elliott, John Belushi,Heath ledger. I think RHD pretty well nailed it. I don't know anymore than that.
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Sorry nassy, too many to list, they either need a drug to wake them up, energize them or put them to sleep so they can get some rest, it can be prescription drugs or recreational drugs , it seems they don't realize a drug is a drug in any form or no matter how you acquired it, all in all it would be too much typing to list them all, they either died from the drug or because of the toll the drug use had on the body over the years ie Ray Charles......the best to you doll
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SOOOO many to name..... I have decided that I dont want to be rich... If I get headache, I take Tylenol... The rich seem to skip the Tylenol and go right to the hard stuff. I can take an extra Tylenol occasionally if needed.... But when you're rich... Seems an extra will kill you... No thanks... I'd rather be poor and alive.
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I was going to google this and give a whole big long list but then i thought of something else how many have died because of of others giving them drugs/helping them get into the habit in the first place...then we would have to list all the doctors and nurses that went against their oath to do no harm...i was watching today's news about michael jackson actually calling up his fulltime nurse and begging to be given a drug that had the potential for causing instant death in order to just get 8 hours of amazes me when potential big money can be made from a patient ethics go out the window...i especially like(dislike) managers/people surrounding stars of any kind that help them down the path to destruction(borrowing  from were on the eve of destruction) would think the people around these stars  would do everything in their power to protect their friend/boss/meal ticket so to me it is amazing that no one around these stars are blamed/sent to prison for assisting in their deaths by supplying them with these drugs/narcotics/ many many stars lost to a river of drugs flowing behind the scenes..i just searched for a list on celebs that have died from drugs and there are thousands upon thousands that have died from drugs and drug interactions(alchohol)
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The other thing that popped up while i was searching was the number of celebrities that have ran over someone with their car and killed them...or killed a family member/friend while driving drunk ...
Wow! A great answer, as always. Thanks dear...♥nassy
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Nassy! The only one that hit me hard was Janis Joplin!

While going to the UF (GO GATORS) in the 60s I almost took her home after the concert!

Boy would this Roster have Crowed then!

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Jeepers, I can't remember them all in one sitting, but most are listed by everyone on here. We all have pressures to deal with in life, but those in the public eye, those that entertain us for a living, those are the ones who have pressures we just can't imagine. It's never ok, no matter what your pressures are, to choose this avenue to deal with those pressures, but that said, it seems a great deal of entertainers still choose drugs to cope. And we (me included) just cheer them on and cry when they're gone and act shocked when the tox results show drugs.
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Very nicely put my angel...[hugs]
Tho we cannot forget: Shannon Hoon [Blind Melon singer] & Howard Hughes, Margaux Hemingway, Christina Onassis, Dee Dee Ramone & sweet little Buffy from Family Affair, Anissa Jones [18 yrs young]...
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I could name dozens, but I choose to not to because I want nothing to do with idiots who kill themselves with overdoses of illegal drugs all in the name of getting high.

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