Who Owns The Rights To The Beatles' Music?[Be Very Careful Here]


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Michael Jackson owns the rights to a large majority of the Beatles' songs, but not all of them (He bought out the company that was "holding" the rights). Lennon & McCartney estates still own song-writer rights to most if not all of the songs.
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Michael Jackson has refinanced his debt, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal, but has not released specific details, specifically the impact on his portion of Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC.

The Santa Monica company is the joint venture of Jackson and Sony Corp. That controls the rights to more than 400,000 songs, including the 251-song catalog of The Beatles.
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I would answer but i believe the above answer is correct ...but i also thought paul bought back the rights to them...could be wrong though.later
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You recon Yoko, Olivia and all them other fellers will still be around in the year 5000?
Nope...but their chillins' will be...lol!
Onetwo Bucklemyshoe
Totally Tam. They've built up an entire music EMPIRE! Even if you're Paul's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter, you'll still be filthy stinkin' rich! Anyone in that brood is instantly aboard the success train. Choo-choo!
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Michael Jackson, etc., is correct.
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Once again, I was just coming to find out what the answer was..lol
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Yep, all the above. I remember Jackson outbid McCartney for what he got. Seems strange they ever went for auction in the first place. There is a question. Who decided to sell off the rights in the first place?
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I knew Michael Jackson had bought a substantial chunk of them, but I was not sure if he had sold them. There was talk that perhaps he might have to.
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M. Jackson and sony as well as yoko and the beatles family members...the best to yah
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Michael Jackson owned the rights, when he died on
his will MJ forwarded the rights Paul McCartney.

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