What Scary Movies Can You Recommend For Me?


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Maddy Barnes answered
The Ring. It's about a girl Samara, her mom wanted a boy not a girl, so one day her mom put a garbage sack over her head and shoved Samara down a well. The main character Rachel has a boyfriend and a son. Rachel's niece died from this video Samara made. Whoever watches this video, well, after they watch it, they recieve a phone call. This is what is sounds like---RING RING Rachel-"Hello?" Samara-"You will die in 7 days".
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Anonymous answered
Check out "Dead Silence"..it's the best horror movie I've seen in quite a while.
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greg c answered
I do love a good horror movie myself. Seen plenty of them in my day. I don't scare easily but one did scare me for several hours after i watched it. "The Grudge". They made a sequel but it was just a sequel! Have fun!
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Aishwarya Ravi answered
if you watch english.... Then i prefer you to see "evil dead"..... If you are hindi,i prefer you to see "bhool bhulaiya" if you see tamil i recommend you to watch "chandramukhi" "yavarum nelam"..... Choose your own language and watch all the movies.... Go ahead have fun.....!!!!!
sam i am i am sam Profile
Gothika.... The sixth sense, .... Signs.... And the musical " sweeny todd" with johhny depp. I think tales from the crypt is fun, not so scary but thriller and surprise endings.

happy hauntings!
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ivan ord answered
Try the original haunting 1961. What a flick! Or the legend of hell house. Or th spiral staircase from 1948. The house on haunted hill with vincent price is another old that has some scares.
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alexia smith answered
The ring gave me nightmares.
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MARIA D answered
I think its midnight meat train something like that. Its a wes craven movie . We saw it free on  cable- fearnet?

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