Is Taylor Swift right to pull her music from Spotify and Apple Music? Or is she just being greedy looking for more money?


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I am not a business man. I work for a rental car company until my resume is accepted by an IT firm, but It looks like a grab for money to me. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't the free trial for new users only? I fail to see how she is not getting paid for three months when Apple has millions of long time users and subscribers who will be paying for her album. Good luck to you.

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Did you read her entire explanation?  I thought it was clear that this was a protest because of its effect on those people working in the music industry that don't make her kind of money. Those people need that money to get by like the rest of us. 

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Yo Kass
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Yeah, I admit that is an admirable cause to champion, but Apple has a very long history of releasing products that do really well...

Surely when they decided to give away access to the platform for 3 months, it was in the knowledge that they would need to do something to break into a market that is already super competitive, and in being able to acquire enough users, would generate more revenue in the long-term... it's not in their interest to give away free access for no reason either.

And to me, it's just the whole way she's approached it too... why air her grievances so publicly?
What would people think if Apple wrote an open letter to Ms. Swift telling her how to write and release her albums in a more financially profitable way?

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