Has Sean Connery Played James Bond The Maximum Number Of Times On Screen? In How Many Movies Has Connery Played Bond?


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Sean Connery has played James Bond in seven movies, as has Roger Moore. The two share the record for the most performances as the secret agent.

James Bond Movies Starring Sean Connery
- Dr No (1962)

- From Russia with Love (1963)

- Goldfinger (1964)

- Thunderball (1965)

- You Only Live Twice (1967)

- Diamonds are Forever (1971)

- Never Say Never Again (1983) Unlike the other six James Bond films starring Sean Connery, Never Say Never Again was not produced by Eon Productions, and came from an independent production company instead. It's also a remake of Thunderball (also starring Connery), based on the Ian Fleming novel. Some fans don't consider it to be an 'official' Bond movie because of this.

After James Bond
Despite the fame and recognition that came with the Bond role, Sean Connery quit because he became sick of the role and wanted to persue other acting projects. Connery turned down the role of Gandalf in the 2001 Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, and has been retired since 2004.
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Seven, same as Roger Moore. Nobody has done more than 7, though. Connery's Bond films:

* Dr. No (1962)
* From Russia With Love (1963)
* Goldfinger (1964)
* Thunderball (1965)
* You Only Live Twice (1967)
* Diamonds Are Forever (1971)
* Never Say Never Again (1983)

Connery quit in 1967 because he found the Bond character boring and he feared being typecast. George Lazenby, who initially succeeded Connery was also supposed to do seven films, but backed out (hence Connery's return to screen in the role in 1971). The 1983 film is considered an "unofficial" Bond film, but most fans don't care.

Only Roger Moore managed as many James Bond appearances (also 7, and all of his are "official"). Pierce Brosnan managed the next many (4 films). Timothy Dalton played Bond in 2 films, George Lazenby 1, and Daniel Craig is signed up to do at least 3 Bond films.

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