How Do You Get Music URL For Free?


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  Almost every web site that offers its visitors free online music experience, have a URL (Universal Resource Locator) which you can post it on your web site or MySpace account or something similar to it. One such web site is

  This is a legal web site where you can listen to the songs that are posted in here. There is a huge database of songs on the web site and you can search for any songs you want. You are bound to get the song you want to listen as the database is very huge and is updated with songs every second. The web site is very popular with people who are into music. You will be able to find songs related to rock, trance and other popular genres of music.
  Any song that you select, will show an embedded link which you can paste it on any web site that supports this form of HTML. When you paste the link on a particular page, a separate music player will open on that page and you will be able to listen to the songs.
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Hello everyone, do you know by any chance how to get a url or create some for your songs that you have loaded to your PC that are on your mp3 maker or your c drive
because I am trying to publish an mp3 full with music url on my site. Thank you all

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