How Old Is DMX?


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DMX (Dark Man X) is 37 years old. The undeniable king of hardcore rap was born in Baltimore, Maryland, on 18th December, 1970. His actual name is Earl Simmons. He was propelled to fame with the 1998 single "Get at Me Dog." On the same year, his debut album 'It's dark and Hell is hot' hit the number one position on the Billboard charts.

This was followed by the other two super hit albums 'Flesh Of My flesh, Blood of My Blood' and 'And There Was X' both which hit the number 1 position on the charts. In 2003, he took a respite from recording only to resurface back in the year 2006 with a new album 'Year of the Dog, Again.' The best thing about DMX is his trademark style which seems to include both spirituality and profanity and keep them distinctly separate.

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