What Is The Theme Of The Movie Troy And Discuss?


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The main theme is Troy is making sure you are remembered forever.

  • What is Troy about?
Troy is a war film from 2004 based on the Trojan War and Homer's The Illiad. The film stars Brad Pitt, Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom and combines a love story with the war as a relationship forms between two people who cannot be in love due to family ties and constraints. The love affair leads to the invasion of Troy.

  • Themes
Glory and being remembered throughout history
Achilles is given the choice between going to Troy or staying at home. If he goes to Troy he is told he will die but he will be remembered forever as a strong and powerful warrior and his name will be passed down for thousands of years to come. If he does not go, he will live a long and happy life with his wife and children. He will be forgotten if he stays at home but are all those years of happiness worth it? This is the dilemma of the film and the main theme.

  • Love
Love is an important theme in Troy because it is Achilles' decision to stay for love or to leave for glory that is a major issue for our main character.

  • Immortality
With eternal glory and stories passed from generation to generation about the great warrior that Achilles was, it provides him with a type of immortality. Even if he dies in war, his name will be remembered forever and it will be remembered for everything he stood for in life and everything he ever wanted to be. Achilles wants to be more than a great warrior of his time, he wishes to be the greatest warrior of ALL time and he wants to go down in history for this.

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