Where Does Justin Bieber Get His Jeans?


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Seeing as teen sensation Justin Bieber earns millions from his music career, it would be safe to say he can afford pretty much any brand of jeans out there. Heck, he probably doesn't even have to buy them because he probably gets them for free direct from the designers! He is really into his skinny jeans, however he can be spotted wearing any style of jeans if you look carefully enough!

Most recently, he has been snapped wearing Selvage skinny fit jeans in rigid rinse. He is also a big fan of American Apparel skinny black jeans.

On his 2010 World Tour Justin Bieber wore Nudie Thin Finn White jeans teamed with a matching Nudie white jacket.

A firm favourite with Justin Bieber is the G-Star 3301 Plus Sudden Jeans. He has been seen a number of times worldwide wearing these jeans.

Justin sometimes goes for the quirky, rock 'n' roll look of Tiger of London Zip Bondage Tartan Pants- also worn on his 2010 World Tour.

For a smarter look the Bieber favours KR3W Men's KSLIM Twill Pants teamed with Supra Skytop Sneakers. Also, he wears Levi's 510 Super Skinny Fit Jeans in black and he teams them with purple Supra Skyrop Sneakers.

A never-fail with Justin is the Levi's 505 Regular Fit Jeans in black and Levi's Skinny 511 black Jeans. During a performance in London he wore American Apparel Unisex Corduroy Slim Slack in charcoal grey.

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I think he gets his jeans from american apperal or if you can not find it there another good place for skinny jeans are pacific sunwear(akapacsun) I hope I helped you
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Justin Bieber does not buy his jeans first of all the jeans he wears are like 200 dollars...he wears the brand g-star.

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