How To Create A Girl Singing Group?


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Pray to to Jesus and ask him for guidance.Be specific with your prayer, like the number of girls. When you've done that, be open to him and the plans he has for the group.

Other ways:

1. Have a passion to sing, this is a must, don't just do it for the heck of it. You must have a reason to why you want to sing, be serious.

2. Find a manager, someone who you can trust, they will support you and have who is literate, they should have great verbal skills to communicate the needs of the group to others,they should be able to to be an advocate for the group. Most of all someone whose best interest is for the group and not themselves. (Preferably someone who knows the music industry really well)

3. Find members. Do a posting online, example: Facebook, myspace, craigslist, or advertise it in your local newspaper. There are several ways to find members, just be creative!

4. Once you've got your members, establish goals, discuss them so that the group will be on the same page. Basically so you can better understand each other.

5. Don't worry about a band just yet, Sing together, get used to each others voices, learn your styles and the things that make you comfortable and uncomfortable with singing. Practice! Practice! Practice!, but don't do it too much, you wouldn't want to ruin your vocal chords, practice at least 3- 5 days a week, for 3 hours with breaks in between (this is my preference ,some would say otherwise for various reasons). Just do what works for your group
****There is nothing wrong with vocal lessons to better your voices and to train you on how to use your voice to the best of your ability. Oh, Stage presence is a biggie, you want to look good at what your doing, get the crowd involved and sell some cd's, Work on your stage presence.

6. The group should be started, Learn other musical material to sing or write your own to perform, Get involved in singing at your local church, sing at talent shows or any events that will give you the publicity that you seek for your group.Just make sure you are really enjoying what you are doing. Hope you do well!

God Bless!

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