What Are The Band Magna Canta's Song Lyrics?


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As Magna Canta have at least six albums worth of songs, I can't easily give you all the lyrics! Instead, try searching a dedicated song lyric website like MaxiLyrics.

About Magna Canta

Magna Canta are an American band who have been making music together since 2000. Their music can be described as a blend of Gregorian chant and electronica, and their more popular CDs include Enchanted Spirits (2000) and Sanctuary (2005). You can find their CDs on Amazon.

Where Can I Find Magna Canta Lyrics?

It seems that Magna Canta aren't very well-known (and are easily confused with Magna Carta if you're not focusing on your screen properly) so you might be better off requesting song lyrics fro them directly. The quickest and easiest option, if you'd like to know the lyrics to their songs, is probably to message the band directly on their Myspace page. They might be able to help!

Alternatively, you could try listening to their songs and writing down the lyrics as you hear them. This might take some practice and a lot of repetition, though, so be warned. Good luck!
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Most songs are Gregorian hymns. If you can find out whatever song is in the background, it would be easier to get a translation. Magna Canta's Russia is an example of a layered hymn.

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