What Is Tugo Percussion Instrument?


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A tugo is a musical percussion instrument native to the Philippines, where it is still played by many residents. It is large and shaped like a guitar, but made completely of wood. The lower part of the instrument is hollow, but unlike the guitar the tugo has no hole for the sound to come out of. The player of the tugo can adjust the strings on the instrument to produce different pitched sounds as they hit the tugo base with their hands or a beater. The tugo could be broadly classed as a percussion instrument (although it does feature strings).

  • Ethnical instruments

Ethnical instruments such as the tugo, native to countries like the Philippines, are used widely in developing areas by members of the communities. Groups of people may gather to sing songs, whilst various instruments play a rhythm in the background. This is a great way in which people with very little money or resources can enjoy themselves and socialize. It is traditional in many countries for regular musical assemblies to take place within a community, particularly at times of the year when religious festivals are celebrated.

  • Playing instruments

Learning to play a musical instrument is a fantastic idea for anyone with a small amount of spare time on their hands. It allows you to relax and put your mind to something other than the stresses of everyday life. Playing an instrument is also a useful and fun skill, particularly if you get the chance to show off your talents at shows or parties. All in all, playing musical instruments allows you to take some much needed time out. With the wide range of instruments ready to be played, there is someone to suit everyone.

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