I need ideas on what to get my dad for father's day. My boyfriend is taking me out shopping tomorrow after work and money really isn't an issue. I just don't know my dad that well so Any ideas would be great thanks :)?


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Ray Ottewell answered
Fishing gear, his favorite music, a stuff the government t'shirt, a B.B.Q, night with all the family, the best bottle of his favorite spirit, an adventure weekend trip, a relaxing weekend trip, the summer is coming, so get him a ''cooler set'', a hammock, seat covers for his car,a camping trip with his mates or movie passes.
Mandy Mo Profile
Mandy Mo answered

A wallet, a icon T-shirt or a pair of well designed funny socks? For me, socks always work as gift. I have bought a pair of funny socks for my best friend and he loves them!

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Janey answered
Expensive aftershaves, toiletries gift sets or cufflinks are all pretty cool gift ideas.

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