Who's jammin out to there favorite music right now ?


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Yep I've got AC/DC blasting out of my MIDI here -so let there be rawkkkk !
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Being from hawaii you should know this song. I love J Boog. He is my favorite artist from the Islands. Nice to nice to know you, lets do it again!  :)   www.youtube.com Everyone can relate to this song. If you can't...you aint livin!
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Steph Swank
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She especially likes so far gone..i think its her fave. Song
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That song makes me think about hawaii.. God I miss it! I can't wait for my vacation. Im headin up to Oahu & Hilo for 3 weeks in late march-april! Only 4 more months till PARADISE! Yeahhh Buddy!!
Steph Swank
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I went last summer wif my mom and aunt! I didnt want to come back..but i had 2 :(
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I was she will by lil wanye ft. Drake!
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Well ....not me :) jus training as usual...
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I did that on the way home. I have a high end stereo in my work van. Now it is TV and Blurtit. :)
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Bre Fawn answered
Nope, mum's in the next room playin that noisy piano so either way I wouldn't be able to hear it =( but I'd love to be watchin nicky byrne right now!!!

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