Do You Rent DVDs Or VHS Or Go To The Movies More?


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When I get my money in the fall, I buy them, up here they are 2 for $10 at Walmart. Getting a rather large collection of dvds.
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We probably rent more than the others, but this summer we've been going to the drive-in theater on the weekends.  They show a double feature, and we pay a total of $10 to get in.  Last night we saw the new Batman movie (really, really good) and Hancock (so-so, I kept falling asleep, LOL).   It's a lot of fun and we can take the pup.
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My wife gave me a TiVo DVR a few years back.  It's great!  I can watch what I want when I want, and when my wife comes into the room, I can hit the pause button, so it at least looks like I am paying attention.  The downside is when the system figures out what you like to watch.  Then it records so many things automatically, that I rarely have the time for a movie.  (My wife just purchases the movies on-demand over the cable.)
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terry rossignol answered
We do all the above except go to the movies because of my hypoglycemia!!!
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here I dunno any place which rents movies, so we buy and go to the cinema :) and watch the TV ;)
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I wait for the movies to come out so I can rent it.. If I like it I buy them really cheap from Wall-mart or Circuit City..The prices at the movies are expensive.. You can sit at home so much CHEAPER!!
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Susan Bohl answered
We prefer just getting an "on demand" movie from the cable company.  We get the movie for 24 hours, we pay about the same as a rental, and we don't have to leave the house.  We love it, especially when the weather's bad! 
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I prefer renting, really, though sometimes I have no patience when it comes to seeing a certain movie and I'll just go to the movie theatre to see it fresh.
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I prefer buying movies and I go the the movie theatre on special events. I rent once in a while but usually everything I rented skips. I rent locally but here someday I would like to try Netflix and see what that is like. I have heard good things.

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