Do You Have A Favorite Song From The Past?


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Well I have many many beautiful songs that I connect to certain things and people in my life.  Every time I go on holiday or every time something special happened, I special friend or special memory.  The most resent song I can think of right now is the song of Maroon 5 and the name of the song is Wont go home without you.  It makes me think of someone very dear to me
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Moe Pence
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I had wondered if I was the only one that could hear an old song and remember people, places, good times, bad times, when I heard it.
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I know I'm only 18, so its not really the past...but Led Zeppelin - Stairway to heaven is the song that really got me into music when I first heard it, so I guess for what its worth, thats my favorite song from the past (and the present and future)...
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My favorite song from the past is let me love you down. Of course I am only 20! So I would say not very past!:) the artist that sang it was INOJ. It brings back memories of innocence and being young in middle school a pre-teen. I used to love that jam! It makes me feel all hormonal all over again like a pre-teen with an innocent crush!
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Oh yea..The Doors Riders on the Storm
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Song from the past --- I think it would be "Last Chance" by Allure. When I hear it, it doesn't bring back any special emotion I felt before, but it does remind me of the person.
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There are loads of songs I love, but if I had to pick one it would be Imagine by John Lennon.  A beautiful song which just oozes hope.  He was a great songwriter and sadly missed by many people.
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My favorite song is Boom, Boom, Boom by vengaboys. They where very popular back in the 90's my child years. It reminds me of the cute kid that I use to be dancing to the song.
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Of course to pick one is hard but Zager & Evans, In the year 2525, Tom Jones It's not Unusual, Ram Jam, Black Betty, William Shatner (Captain Kirk), Busta Move, Lincoln Park, In the End, Everlast, Ends.
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My fave song from the past now im not to old so it may not be that far into the past in shadows of the night by pat benatar

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