Why are reality shows harmful?


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True reality shows don't have any scripts - they just naturally let things happen during taping. Because human nature is naturally unpredictable, it doesn't do your ratings any good when you can't predict the outcome.

So what you see on reality TV is not really reality. The producers naturally want to have drama and pathos so they will create situations where these things occur.

When you do reality TV, you're taking a risk that you will be loved or hated, depending on how your producer decides how to portray your character. You will make money but I'm not sure the risk would be worth it.

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Walt O'Reagun
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They have TRUE reality shows in Norway.
I heard about them on NPR a couple times recently.

One shows a fire, in a fireplace.
Another shows the scenery from the window of a train.
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Reality shows suck, give me Andy Griffith or Mash any day - and you learned something from them!

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Literally, Reality shows are not necessarily harmful; however,  watching too much TV is harmful to your brain.  Also, as stated above by Danae, watching their "lack of problem solving" skills does does not entice good mimicking behavior.  Take the Kardashians for example.  Trust me.  This is the last family you would want to be like. 

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The only time they are harmful is when a viewer thinks they are real. They are not. Some are scripted others are manipulated for the best ratings.

And shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are based on someone's neediness. To me, to exploit that for people's entertainment is contemptible. Yet people watch.  And worse some people go on those shows believing they are going to find true love. That to me is not exactly sane. 

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