Men In Black Song Done By Will Smith It Was A Copy Of Another Song Just Different Words What Was It


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The Theme song of the Movie Men in Black is called Men in Black. It is a pop/rap song that was sung by Will Smith. It also features on his personal album Big Willie Style. This theme song was actually based on a song by the artist Patrice Rushen and was called Forget Me Nots. It was from her album Straight from the heart which was released in 1982. You can download the lyrics for forget me nots at the link below:
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I like Will's style, he might no be the most creative/talented musician out there. But he's got a unique style with a message, you don't need to rap about bitches and money to make good music. :)

It's from George Michaels FAST LOVE, at the end of the song.
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I'm sending you forget me nots. I just don't know what group sings it
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It was a sample form the song for forget me nots which was sung around 1981 or 1982 by a songstress named Patrice rushen

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